Why This Woman Ran a Marathon a Day, for Five Months, Across America

After five months, 17 states, and 3,200 miles, Anna Judd has finally stopped running. The California artist and activist finished a mighty journey on Saturday — completing at least one marathon a day, from California to New York City, all in an effort to raise consciousness about American war veterans and the struggles they face. “I wanted to push myself to my limitations,” she told Yahoo Health by phone just two days before reaching her finish line at Manhattan’s gleaming Freedom Tower. “And I saw part of that as making a difference in the world.”


Along the way, Judd had corporate sponsors, kept up a blog, and ran with thousands of individuals who joined her for segments of her trek — a corn farmer in Louisiana, a jazz singer in Mississippi, and several active-duty intelligence officers in various states were among her running companions. Early on in the journey, she sprained both ankles. Later, her support RV (where she sleeps most nights) was rear-ended by a speeding Porsche that left the car’s driver dead on the scene, sending Judd into a “very dark place” for a while.

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