Mont Kiara Running Club (MKRC)

Mont Kiara Running Club (MKRC)

About the Club

The Mont’ Kiara Running Club (MKRC) is an inclusive group of KL ex-pats and locals who enjoy both the social and competitive side of running. The MKRC meets up regularly to run together around the Mont’ Kiara/Hartamas area.

We range in ability from regular non-competitive runners to those who are training for half/full marathons, ultras, trail, triathlons and Ironman events.

Please note, MKRC is a running club and as such isn’t suitable for beginners and/or casual runners. As such, to help ensure the club runs are not diluted or slowed down by inexperienced runners, we are asking that all new members be able to run an average of 6:30min/km or faster on the road AND be able to run at least 8km. These requirements will ensure that all runners have capable and similarly paced running partners during group runs. This is critically important as we run in groups over longer distances and/or on the trails.

The MKRC is an inclusive club and always accepting new members, we just want to ensure we’re being fair to our existing members and true to this club charter.

For us, the social side is as important as the exercise so we also have semi-regular social events; Nights out, horse racing days, etc.


Wednesday evenings. Beginning at 8:30pm, we run the Mont’ Kiara/Hartamas loop, 8/10km, at a social pace of 5:30min/km.

Thursday evenings. Beginning at 8:30pm, this is a hilly trail run up into the Bukit Kiara forest. The pace isn’t super fast but it isn’t slow either. Typical runs last 1.5 hours with plenty of regular stops for water, often followed by a few drinks at The Barn, MK 1.

Sunday mornings. Beginning at approx. 7am (or earlier) this run can be anything from an 8/10km run around the same Wednesday evening route to longer 20km+ runs through Bukit Tunku over to Lake Gardens.

We also often run in smaller groups (of various paces/distances) on other days of the week.


Runs normally begin at the junction of Jalan Kiara and Jalan Kiara 1 (Next to the Polis Pondok), 50m from MKIS but we also pick up runners along the way who don’t live quite so close.


Mont Kiara Running Club (MKRC) Mont Kiara Running Club (MKRC) Mont Kiara Running Club (MKRC)

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